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What Do We Do?

  • MISS.MOE is an open (and free) training platform geared towards K-12 & college educators and school staff.
  • Teachers, trainers, and presenters can upload their professional development (PD) materials and presentations as online “Courses” on the platform to share them with other teachers and school staff.
  • Trainers can also issue verifiable digital badges (Open Badges) to others on the platform who successfully complete their in-person training or online PD modules.
  • All earned badges are publicly displayed on each user’s profile page in the Community section of the website.
  • Badges can also be imported into Badgr Backpack, which allows them to be pushed out to other platforms (like LinkedIn).
  • Trainers and presenters are more easily able to track the success of their PD by seeing how many have attempted and successfully completed their training programs; how many have earned badges and which badges they have earned; and which parts of their training programs users tended to struggle with versus which ones they most enjoyed.
  • This allows trainers to make changes to their presentations, as needed, and also allows for more targeted support interventions for struggling trainees (i.e., teachers and school staff).
  • MISS.MOE is also home to an interactive, nationwide PLC of educators and school staff where users can network and offer peer guidance and support. Come say hi!

There are many services
we offer schools (for free!)

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