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What are Open Badges?

Open Badges is an open standard for creating, issuing, and tracking digital badges (online). Unlike digital "stickers" or "stamps," a digital badge contains embedded metadata about its recipient and their skills and achievements, which cannot be replicated or duplicated through inauthentic means. This makes an Open Badge both verifiable and traceable to its unique owner.

The metadata in an Open Badge contains the badge image and information about the badge recipient, the badge issuer, and any supporting evidence of the recipient's skills, knowledge, or accomplishments that were conditional to earning the badge. This allows others (including potential employers) to verify a badge owner's abilities in accordance with the badge issuer's specifications.

Additionally, Open Badges are "portable," storable, and shareable. This means they can be displayed on online CVs, social networks, and websites (wherever the recipient choses). It also means they can be stored (using Badgr Backpack) and pushed out to other platforms.

"Thousands of organizations across the world issue badges in accordance with the Open Badges Specification, from non-profits to major employers to educational institutions at all levels." (source)
Please visit the Open Badges website to learn more information about verifiable digital badges.

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