In February 2015 I was asked to join a new project team at my place of work (Learn4Life). As part of this large-scale project, both another digital media instructor and I were asked to design, plan, build, and setup two online arts courses for students within our charter school system.

In short, the charter school I work for (Learn4Life) had been planning on implementing a blended learning environment to further support our students' success. However, to accomplish this, the administrators decided that they wished to create their own online curriculum. I have been made to understand that Learn4Life wishes to develop their own online curriculum so that they will not be regularly dependent on the purchase of outside curriculum from third parties and so that they will have full control over their online curriculum and any potential revisions to it in the future.

However, before this can be done, the administrators agreed that it would be wise to test out various LMS platforms, build sample courses on these platforms, and then pilot these online courses at various charter schools before ultimately committing to such a large undertaking.

Therefore, our school district was assigned to pilot online courses within a blended learning environment utilizing the Buzz LMS platform. To this end, both another instructor and I were tasked with the design and creation of two online versions of courses inspired by our school's existing arts-based curricula. I was placed in charge of developing an online Digital Photography course.

Eight (8) different Learn4Life teachers (posing as students) tested out the online course I developed, and administrators gathered data from the results of the beta test to give some insight into the curricula's strengths and weaknesses. I am very pleased to say that both administrators and teachers deemed the Online Digital Photography course I designed to be the most popular and successful of all the online courses developed for the platform during the pilot.