Since before I first enrolled in the Learning Design & Technology (Educational Technology) program at San Diego State University, the administrators had been actively seeking someone to assist them in the development of an official, online Alumni Network for the SDSU LDT program. They had previously obtained graduate students from the LDT program who had assisted in research and analysis for the platform, but none were able to actually construct it.

I have come from a background in freelance web development and have designed and constructed websites, social networks, and learning management systems (or LMS platforms). I have also planned and constructed the online network for the SDSU educational technology student organization (SLATE), and later for the Society of Educational Research and Technology (SERTify). Due to my experience and expertise in this subject, the LDT administrators deemed that I would be the best candidate for their job. Hence, I was approached in Fall 2014 by LDT administrators and faculty members who requested that I design and develop the online alumni network for their program starting in Spring 2015.

Prior to starting on the design of the platform, I worked with a partner (another LDT graduate student) who assisted me in conducting further research and analysis. Together we hosted a series of focus groups with LDT program alumni, current LDT students, and LDT faculty and administrators. Based on the information we obtained from these focus groups, we organized a structured list of planned features for the alumni platform to address the needs and expectations deemed most pressing by the focus group participants. Using a mixture of my expertise and further research into additional web technologies, I comprised a list of Recommended Technology that would support these features.

I also developed a budget, designed a series of potential logos, and devised a presentation to gain input from LDT faculty on which domain name and logo they wanted to represent their program. Once these tasks were completed, I designed and constructed the final version of the LDT Alumni Network (now complete).

Following the development of the platform, I also designed and constructed an implementation plan and a long-term sustainability plan to assist LDT administrators in rolling out the new alumni network and in smoothly "handing off" the platform to other administrators, faculty members, or club members to support them in being able to manage it without my assistance once I graduated the program.

I am very pleased to say that administrators from SDSU's other degree programs were so impressed by my development work for the LDT program's online alumni network, that they have since asked me to serve as a "web technology consultant" to help offer advice to other SDSU graduate students building similar online alumni networks for SDSU's other programs.