While working at Desert Sands Charter High School, I was asked to take part in a mobile learning device (MLD) technology pilot. On the heels of the recent implementation of online course (the Plato Online Course Roll-Out, another educational technology project I had worked on), our administrators sought to obtain mobile learning devices for our students to further support them in independent learning.

I was not the project leader for this pilot; instead, I took on the roll of obtaining, tracking, and providing information. Along with others on the team, I participated in researching or reading information about various mobile devices; testing out samples of the devices; analyzing or comparing the devices based on their usefulness and appropriateness for our charter's environment and workflow; and then contributing to making recommendations regarding which devices to utilize for our students. I also contributed to the selection of specific students who would be involved in the pilot test.

Following our recommendations, our charter school received 40 mobile learning devices to pilot test with 40 students we had hand picked to participate in the project. We decided to go with light-weight, durable laptops with a flexible feature that allows them to convert to tablets.

I assisted in the review and approval of the contract (shown below) that was issued to students to prepare them for receiving the devices, utilizing the devices, and participating in the pilot processes. I also attended the student orientation sessions held for students who were to receive the devices.

Finally, I continued to assist in the ongoing efforts to obtain data and feedback from the students via regularly issued surveys. This data was forwarded to the project lead, who organized the information in a presentable format for our administrators. This pilot project is still on-going, but it is understood that once our administrators have enough information to determine the success of the pilot (i.e. the impact on our students' learning, if any, due to the implementation of these devices), then they will ultimately determine whether the rest of the students on our campus will also receive the same or different devices.