I have worked as a Digital Arts Teacher (grades 9-12) for 5 years. Prior to becoming an educator, and while in college as an art major, I also worked as a freelance Web Designer and Developer for nearly 10 years, and my clients stemmed primarily from the education realm (educators and administrators).

However, as a teacher, I often felt displeased with how little most LMS platforms support arts-based instruction, and also with how comparatively fewer educational technology resources are available to support arts-based education. Therefore, in 2012 I began plans to design, program, and develop a full-scale, custom LMS platform that would be geared specifically towards instruction in the arts. The resulting project is a public, eLearning network titled The Free Artists Network (FAN), located at www.freeartists.NET.

This LMS platform is design to support instruction in the arts, including fine art, design, music, film, literature, animation, and games. All the features and my duties for this project are too numerous to name here, but they include developing a 69-page business plan; obtaining funding from the local SBA chapter in Long Beach; developing all design documents, resources, and content for the team of developers that I work with; working with California Lawyers for the Arts to address all potential risks; hosting numerous usability tests of the platform (and obtaining corresponding data) at numerous high schools in California; and outlining a marketing plan. I released the first version of the LMS platform for its "soft opening" at the National Art Education Association (NAEA) convention in San Diego (2014).

We have been working on beta testing and upgrading the platform for this year, and the final version of the LMS platform should be ready to release for its "hard opening" by the next NAEA convention, which will be held this year in New Orleans (2015). I have been invited to be a speaker at this convention, where I will discuss the release of my arts-oriented LMS platform.

You can find out more about the FAN platform via the following videos: